Company introduction

Singxess is a pioneer in the IoT industry since 2013 and registered in Singapore. We provide solutions for building and home automation. 
Our mission is to make life easy. Thanks to the openness and creativity of our employees, we create reliable & easy-to-use devices, softwares and services that simplify people's lives by taking care of their everyday comfort and peace of mind. 
Our vision is to deliver Smart Solutions that adapt perfectly to the needs of household members by learning their lifestyles and taking care of their everyday comfort and convenience, as well as providing them a sense of security. 
The multitude of platforms and technologies available in the Internet of Things area makes many current and potential users of smart technologies feel lost in this world. Singxess's challenge is to allow the people from all walks of life to access and enjoy the provided smart solutions within products, software and services and make it approachable for distributors, installers and end users. We want both the installation and use of the Singxess smart System to be easy and accessible. We aim at making Singxess synonymous with friendly and reliable technology that produce positive emotions in every possible field. As a Singxess team, we believe less is more. We bet on informal relationships, speak to each other by name, communicate simply and directly, always respectfully but without superfluous titles, difficult words and complicated abbreviations.
By entering the home privacy of our customers, we are fully aware of the responsibility both for data security and the reliability of provided smart solutions. It is our duty to meet those expectations. We are consciously building a consistent image of a responsible company - caring for customers, employees, business partners and the environment. Singxess team treats security not only as a duty but also as a unique privilege. We carry out all tasks with full commitment including those smaller and larger ones. From the very beginning until the end of each project, we are aware that the results of our work are the showcase of each of us and the entire company. We can easily rely on each other. Regardless of what we do, we take responsibility for the quality of what we deliver, knowing that the final results of our work are solutions that our users, workmates and business partners expect reliability from.
In today's world, people feel overwhelmed by multitude of technologies available on the market. Through its rapid and continuous development, the Internet of Things has paradoxically created barriers that make it difficult to enjoy its advantages. Combining different manufacturers technologies has become an offbeat dilemma. At Singxess we believe it can be done differently. Our system has been a connected and open one since its inception. Our goal is to enable a stable connection between our services and other products and brands. One coherent ecosystem is the guarantee of the highest level of security and convenience for all users. Being a connected technology allows us to strengthen the global community of Singxess users who are active in development of our smart system. As a team, we are connected to others — we listen, we show empathy, we share our own opinions, ultimately reaching for the perfect solution. We believe being connected open doors and encourages collaboration based on efficiency, trust and mutual respect - concerning colleagues, partners and clients relations as well.
The modularity and connectivity of the Singxess System triggers creativity to our customers, giving them limitless opportunities to combine and create smart solutions according to their individual needs. During solutions design process, we are guided by the latest technology trends from A.I. or Machine Learning, so that the Singxess System can learn and agilely adapt to the needs and lifestyles of users. Our solutions have a beautiful design based on latest trends combined with usable features.  We creatively analyse complex problems and connect and perceive relations between important aspects. Thanks to this, we manage to create innovative, useful, beautiful and practical smart solutions. We are boldly setting unique trends in the world of new technologies. Full of enthusiasm and curiosity, we constantly experiment and undermine the status-quo in order to create better and better solutions that comprehensively address the diverse needs of our customers.