New 3D face recognition smart lock

With the mature application of face recognition technology, it is increasingly accepted and recognized by many users, and it is continuously used in daily life. Face recognition smart locks are a new revolution in home security. The traditional 2D face recognition technology has many defects due to the limitation of the process method. With the maturity of the technology and the reduction of the cost, the SINGXESS 3D face recognition smart lock adopts the three-dimensional face recognition technology: to protect the family safely, through Biometric detection and 3D structure accurately identify the forehead, eyes, nose tip, cheeks, and the light face recognition algorithm eliminates the unlocking of the picture mask.
There are currently two types of face recognition technology in the industry: 2D face recognition and 3D face recognition.
2D face recognition is image-based, equivalent to an 8-digit password. 3D face recognition technology is based on facial information with depth information. Equivalent to a 16-bit password. So 3D face recognition technology is more secure. The purchase of fingerprint locks must be based on 3D face recognition technology.
The principle of face recognition for live detection:
How is face recognition technology implemented? The underlying logic is essentially the same as setting a password. The verification information is set in advance, and the user input information and the pre-entered information are compared during authentication.
3D face recognition smart lock recognition technology is divided into 4 steps:
The camera captures our facial information.
Process the image, including light, noise, etc.
Extract facial features.
Stores facial feature information.
Store the facial feature information through the above 4 steps, and then perform the above four steps to obtain the facial information during face authentication, and compare it with the pre-entered facial information. As long as most of the information can be matched, the authentication is successful.
Liveness detection is a way to determine the real physiological characteristics of the other party. By detecting human movements, technologies such as facial key point location and face tracking are used. Verify that the user is a real living person. The main purpose is to counteract the operation of fooling around with the face information that has been entered into the smart lock.

SINGXESS 3D Face Recognition Smart Fingerprint Lock Features:
Swipe your face to open in seconds, no contact required: Infrared detection Automatic door opening: 40-80cm ultrasonic induction wakes up face recognition, automatically opens, and infrared night vision function allows you to recognize the dark environment.
Wake-up face recognition, easily identify people of different heights, no need to bend, step foot: the recognition distance is 0.3-0.8m, covering 1m-2m people, both adults and children can be used. Face unlocking can effectively solve the problem of poor experience for the elderly and people with damaged fingerprints.
3D structured light face recognition technology: It has passed the certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's Internet of Things Attack and Defense Laboratory, and is not afraid of photos, videos, and fake face attacks. The security exceeds the financial payment level.
Semiconductor fingerprint: Adopt living fingerprint identification technology to improve the accuracy of fingerprint identification, reject fake fingerprints, and have higher security.
SINGXESS has newly upgraded the 3D face cat's eye smart fingerprint lock S01S, allowing your home to have a more secure hard-core protection.