Intelligent switch to improve the quality of home lighting

Excellent lighting design can bring more safe and comfortable living experience for residents, make the room and residents look more beautiful, and even add emotion and fun to life. Good lighting effect is the basis of good home lighting. If the intelligent lighting does not achieve the functional effect and the lighting degree of the space is too high or insufficient, the gorgeous intelligent lighting is also uncomfortable. The use of different home spaces should be considered first. The control of home lights is scene control. For example, when we eat in the living room, the living room basically needs to be dimmed or even turned off, but it is not appropriate to turn it off completely. At this time, the scene control of intelligent switch is used. It can be adjusted through the smart switch app or preset through the function keys on the smart switch.
a living room
The living room has the functions of family chat, watching TV, playing games, receiving guests, etc. the lighting should be adjustable. The intelligent switch creates the corresponding atmosphere by changing the lighting combination and brightness. The light source has optional full digital dimming LED bulb and digital dimming drive. With intelligent dimming switch, it can be adjusted to the appropriate brightness at different times.
The restaurant is a dining place. The intelligent switch is used to set various lighting modes. The intelligent switch can be set as a variety of lighting scenes such as gathering and dining, so as to create a variety of warm, romantic and elegant dining lighting environment, but the brightness on the table should be appropriately improved.
Compared with hotels, our bedrooms in families are basically used for rest. Generally, the bedroom floor height of residential houses is 2.8m-2.9m, which is suitable for ceiling lamps. Note that the lighting design of the bedroom should not be too bright. It is better to adjust the light brightness slightly dark through the intelligent switch, which will make people easy to calm down and have a better rest. At the same time, they will not lose their sense of security because it is too dark.
Old people's room
In old age, the eyes will change, resulting in light and shade adaptability, more sensitive to glare, etc. The room lighting shall ensure sufficient brightness and avoid dazzling direct lighting. It is appropriate to adjust the light through intelligent switch for soft light treatment. Take into account the physical condition of the elderly, try to avoid walking in the dark, and set an intelligent switch at the head of the bed. On the way to the bathroom at night, turn on the night lighting and bathroom lighting through the night mode to ensure that you can see clearly without affecting your sleep.
The toilet is not only a place to wash and brush every day, but also needs soft and warm lighting environment. It also needs to take care of the appropriate light that does not affect sleep when going to the toilet at night. Therefore, it is necessary to set adjustable lighting combination mode with intelligent switch
Children's room
Preschool children have a wide range of activities in the room. They may read or play in any corner. They use intelligent switches to provide uniform and soft lighting for the room and take care of their young eyes. For post-school children, pay attention to the key lighting on the desk so that children can concentrate on completing their homework. In order to reduce eye fatigue caused by long-time reading, the color temperature close to the morning sunlight and non flashing lighting should be considered. Through the intelligent switch, the brightness and switch of the lamp can be adjusted at will. Of course, personal style is also very important. Only in this way can we meet the practical and comfortable family living