ZigBee's intelligent gateway

Smart gateway is the heart of home intelligence, through which it realizes the functions of system information collection, information input, information output, centralized control, remote control, and linkage control. Now the technology of router and TV box integration has been realized.
The intelligent gateway needs to realize the reliability and stability of the product from the technical aspect. For example, the physical layer uses spread spectrum technology, which can resist external interference to a certain extent, and the MAC application layer (APS part) has a response retransmission function. The CSMA mechanism of the MAC layer enables the node to monitor the channel before sending, which can play a role in avoiding interference.
It can effectively abandon the interference transmitted from the outside of the network. If it cannot work normally due to external interference, the entire network can be dynamically switched to another working channel, ultimately ensuring the stable use of all smart home products in the family.
ZigBee gateway technology has a fast response speed. Generally, it only takes 15ms to switch from sleep to working state, and it only takes 30ms for nodes to connect to the network. In the past, Bluetooth required 3~10s, even Wi-Fi also required 3s, and the response speed occurred thousands of times. Fold change.
This also allows smart gateways to better adapt and serve smart homes and provide more stable and reliable technical support. Stable and reliable provides a better user experience for busy people. It is no longer necessary to use smart home products due to gateway problems. Smoothness has become another key for many consumers to choose smart gateways.
With the rapid development of Internet technology, it has brought personal information leakage security risks. And the outstanding advantage of the intelligent gateway is to ensure the user's network security while realizing the super network function. The smart gateway uses a mesh network structure, and the actual test reaches more than 200 nodes. Coupled with the wireless data transmission function, within the coverage of the large network signal, it is wirelessly connected with multiple isolated child nodes (RFD) that do not undertake the task of network information transfer.
The smart gateway has the following characteristics:
   1. With a standard Ethernet interface and WIFI interface, users can monitor and control the devices in the ZigBee gateway locally and remotely through PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.
  2. The client software can detect the terminal devices currently added to the Zigbee network.
  3. The type of equipment can be detected through the software, and the corresponding information can be forwarded to the corresponding software for display.
  4. It can feed back the current data of the device, such as obtaining temperature data, whether the alarm is alarming, whether the door sensor is turned on, etc.
   5. It can control equipment, such as switch power on, turn on/off air conditioner, television, alarm and so on.
6. The ZigBee gateway also supports a 3G Internet interface to transmit data through a router or directly connected to the cloud server, control the Zigbee gateway terminal node device, and encrypt the transmitted data, provide efficient and safe data transmission, and protect user equipment Not to be hijacked by malicious intent.
  7. When adding a new Zigbee gateway terminal device, the ZigBee gateway has the permission to join the function, setting to allow the addition of Zigbee terminal devices, or allowing the addition of new devices through button shortcuts to prevent unauthorized devices from joining the network.