Zigbee module smart home a reliable wireless data transmission network

The zigbee module smart home is a wireless data transmission network platform composed of up to 65,000 wireless data transmission modules. It is very similar to the existing mobile communication CDMA network or GSM network. Each Zigbee network data transmission module is similar to the mobile network. A base station can communicate with each other within the entire network; the distance between each network node can range from the standard 75 meters to the extended hundreds of meters, or even several kilometers; in addition, the entire Zigbee network can not only " "Unlimited" expands, and can also be connected to various other existing networks. For example, you can monitor a Zigbee module control network in a place in Yunnan via the Internet in Beijing.
The difference is that the Zigbee network is mainly established for industrial field automation control data transmission. Therefore, it must have the characteristics of simplicity, easy use, reliable work, and low price. The mobile communication network is mainly established for voice communication; the value of each mobile base station is generally more than one million yuan, while each Zigbee "base station" is less than a few hundred yuan; each Zigbee network node can not only communicate with itself Monitor objects, such as sensor connection, directly perform data collection and monitoring, it can also automatically transfer data from other network nodes; in addition, each Zigbee network node (FFD) can also be in the range of its own signal coverage Inside, it is wirelessly connected with multiple isolated child nodes (RFD) that do not undertake the task of network information transfer.
 Each Zigbee module network node (FFD and RFD) can support up to 31 sensors and controlled devices, and each sensor and controlled device can eventually have 8 different interface modes. It can collect and transmit digital and analog quantities.